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Steve PorterAs part of our commitment to keeping our customers updated, I've volunteered to write a regular update on this website, which I will try to do every month.

We have always put great effort into providing good customer service and, earlier this year, the business decided to invest heavily in transforming our traditional Traffic Offices into a centralised Customer Service Department. Although it is still a 'work in progress' the concept has been well received by both existing and new customers. David Groves and Mark Breakey (our DGMs) still provide the local contact for visits and problem solving and where individual contracts require their overview.

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our next batch of new trucks which are now several months overdue. It seems a strange situation in times of economic uncertainty that you now have to wait longer (and pay more) for kit that people used to fall over themselves to provide!

Watch this space and look out for future reports.

Steve Porter
September 2010.

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