Archive news from the Steve Porter Transport Group

March 2012

As you'll see, I've already managed to break my commitment to writing an update every month! So a warm welcome (and a very belated Happy New Year) to you and here's hoping that the spring and summer serve to raise all our spirits.


I'm pleased to report that all parts of the business continue to hold up well - as with all enterprises, work can be up and down, but we continue on the right path and continually look to grow while improving our service levels. We have taken a major decision to create Operational and Commercial teams within the transport business so that people can focus on their own strengths and avoid being dragged into areas that detract from that.

Our aim is to improve regular contact with our current customers giving a genuine conduit for any issues or opportunities that occur. Running in parallel with this initiative will be a pro-active approach to finding new business and new customers which we see as vital to our ambitions to be the best in our field in our home patch.

We recently exhibited at Business South 2012 at the Rose Bowl as an exercise in creating brand awareness. Despite what we felt was a clear message (see the photo below), people were coming up and asking "and what is it you do?"! Despite that, we were very happy with the show and did make some useful connections.

By the time you read this, we should have seen the 250,000'th entry on 'Trans-Porter' our bespoke traffic management system. We'll be contacting the company whose job reaches that milestone and will mark the occasion with a small gift.

Steve Porter

Business South 2012

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